Sage Vac Pump

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd believes that the method used to deliver lubricants to a wind turbine gearbox or hydraulic system is just as important as the quality of the lubricant itself.  Without the use of specialist pumping equipment such as the Sage Oil Vac pumping unit a products integrity and cleanliness quality could be jeopardised during the oil exchange process.

By using a Sage Oil Vac pump system to fill or service your wind turbine gearbox, Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd can ensure that the products being delivered to the wind turbine gearbox or hydraulic system are at their optimum level for both product integrity and oil cleanliness levels.

When combining this level of product delivery protection with our pre-delivery product filtration system, each Sage Vac Pump unit offers customers improved safety during wind turbine oil changes, better overall protection of their equipment, less downtime during oil exchanges, guaranteed product cleanliness levels to DIN ISO4406:99 and ISO 16/14/11, increased productivity and improved profitability.

A safer, cleaner, faster and more cost effective method to exchange lubricants on your wind turbines gearbox.

  • Product dedicated hose systems that remove the risk of any accidental cross contamination of products.
  • 130 metre hose reel systems for the removal of the waste oil products and the replacement with clean fresh gear oil and hydraulic oil products.
  • 1,500 litre heated new gear oil tank to ensure for a fast delivery of products to the wind turbine gearbox.
  • 500 Litre dedicated hydraulic oil tank.
  • 1,500 litre Waste oil tank for the removal of the waste oil products.
  • Flushing lances designed to help clean the gear teeth during the flushing process.
  • Metered hose ends for accurate measurement of the products delivered.
  • Final product delivery filtration system that ensures maximum product cleanliness protection directly to the wind turbine gear box or turbine hydraulic system.
  • Spill containment pan.
  • Pump skids that can be easily loaded off and onto vehicles.
  • Trailer versions of the pump systems that are available for towing to sites using a 4x4 type vehicle.

Sage Oil Vac (Wind) Current Pump Range for Wind Turbines

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