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Offshore Wind Turbine Pump Sales

 Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd & Sage Oil Vac (USA) are currently looking to develop further business opportunities across Europe with offshore wind turbine service companies by providing their innovative pumping systems to carry out further Offshore Wind Turbine oil services.

In 2013 Sage Oil Vac supplied James Fisher Marine, a UK-based shipping company with their first SOV Offshore Pump System. This offshore pump system has since undergone trials with E-ON, Siemens and Senvion and has proved successful in reducing both the risks and the downtime associated with servicing offshore wind turbines.

As the European Distributor of Sage Oil Vac equipment, Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd is now looking forward to expanding on the success of James Fisher Marine project with further sales of the SOV Offshore pumping equipment to OEM’s and service companies across Europe.

For further details and prices on a SOV Offshore Pump System please call Steve Stewart (Operations Director) on (0044) 02920 880222

SOV Offshore Pump Features

The SOV Offshore Pump System provides a complete project management capability that focusses specifically on the clients service needs:

  • The SOV Offshore Pump System was developed from the same pumping technology that has been used in onshore wind applications over the past 15 years
  • The system is a self-contained deck mounted unit that is built within a 10 x 8ft or a 20 x  8ft shipping container
  • Range of variants for different applications include; oil volumes, oil types, and umbilical hose lengths
  • The system filters the new products to allow them to meet with DIN ISO 4406:99 product cleanliness standards
  • Certified to Gear Oil Cleanliness Levels ISO 16/14/11
  • Certified to Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness Levels ISO 15/13/10

The system also offers increased environmental protection with the use of emergency specialist hose breakaway systems.

SOV Offshore Pump Systems Benefits:

  • Significantly increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces wind turbine downtime
  • Improves safety and utilisation of offshore technicians
  • Enables the extraction and transportation of oil without risk of contamination
  • Utilises conventional access vessels for deployment
  • Flushing of the gearbox during the exchange



Innovative collaboration to reduce costs in Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

The SOV Offshore Pump System comprises a containerised lubricant exchange unit that can be accommodated on the deck of a crew transfer vessel (CTV). Umbilical hoses connect to the nacelle to allow direct removal and flushing operations followed by refilling of gearbox and hydraulic oils with filtered oil at rates of up to 30L per minute. The incredible speed and efficiency is made possible because the oil is pre-heated within the unit to 30 degrees to reduce its viscosity making it easier to pump.

In addition to time (and therefore cost) savings, the SOV Offshore Pump System has additional benefits over the old system of oil transfer by virtue of its safety profile and its ability to eliminate oil contamination risk during removal and refilling operations.

Its integral three-micron filtration system ensures that the clean oil meets stringent filtration standards (DIN ISO 4406:99) and guarantees that any impurities and contaminants introduced during bulk lubricant delivery or IBC filling are removed before the lubricant reaches the gearbox.

The SOV Offshore Pump System transforms the safety profile of handling bulk lubricants in the offshore environment, for instance, zero leakage hose couplings have been developed to break away and detach from the SOV offshore pump system under a pre-determined load (such as accidental vessel drift-off or drive-off), eliminating the risk of turbine damage or environmental pollution.

Couplings are located specifically to ensure that any detachment takes place at the SOV Pump system on deck, not in the nacelle. This means the umbilical hoses remain suspended, so eliminating a significant QHSE risk and allowing for rapid recovery from the water for continued operations.

The SOV Offshore Pump Systems looks likely to set a new benchmark for oil changes in the offshore renewables industry. It is further proof of Sage Oil Vac’s comment to continually develop and innovate to drive down operational costs for its clients while at the same time increase efficiency and productivity.


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