Mobil SHC 524 Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Mobil SHC 524 Hydraulic Oil is formulated from synthesised, wax-free hydrocarbon base fluids combined with carefully engineered super-stabilised additive systems that make this product the preferred choice product for many of the industries OEMs.

Mobil SHC 524 Synthetic hydraulic oil for wind turbines offers outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance allows long drain and filter change intervals between gearbox oil exchanges in wind turbines while helping keep hydraulic systems and components free from deposits and sludge for a trouble free operation and reduced downtime. It’s superior shear stability as compared with conventional High-VI mineral hydraulic oils help to prevent permanent viscosity loss and therefore stays in grade.

Equipment Protection – Helps provide a high level of hydraulic component protection for pumps, pistons and servo valves, with level of shear protection when compared with all high-VI oils in an industry study.

Ultra Keep-Clean–Excellent system deposit and sludge control helps prevent valve sticking and filter clogging and improve hydraulic systems response time.
Hydraulic Efficiency- High shear stable VI enables increased hydraulic efficiency of up to 6% compared with standard mineral hydraulic oils, potentially reducing energy consumption in high pressure hydraulic systems.

Low Temperature Performance – Wide temperature range performance beyond the capabilities of standard mineral oil hydraulic fluids.

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