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Calculation Tool

Oil Calculation

Process Type

The data used within this calculation tool has been gathered from information provided to us by various service companies and wind turbine owners. The information is as accurate as possible but results will vary depending on the condition of the used oil being removed, the level of flush that is required to clean the system thoroughly, the heights of the nacelle and the speed of the lifting hoists. This tool should only be used as a guideline to the possible savings available when comparing the manual method against the Sage Vac Method.

Traditional Method of Oil Exchange

Oil drums needing multiple winch cycles up and down the tower
No filtering of product available
Open barrels and increased spillage risk
Gravity drain of the used oils into drums
Heavy lifting of oil drums and increased spillage risk

Sage Oil Vac Method

Single winch cycle of hoses up and down the tower
Product Filtered to ISO Cleanliness levels of 16/14/11
Enclosed delivery process
Vacuum drain of used oils directly to the waste tank
Light weight hoses connect directly to the gearbox

Faster, Safer, Cleaner


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