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Unit 9, Atlas House
Bedwas Business Park
CF83 8DU

T: 029 20880222
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E: sales@chemcorp.co.uk


Alan Barham (Company Chairman)
Alan started Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd back in the 1980’s and has since developed the business into a leading distribution company for a range of products including Mobil Industrial lubricants. Several years ago Alan recognised the need to reinvest within the company to develop a wind turbine service and equipment division that would offer this fast growing industry a practical and cost effective solution to their servicing needs.


Steve Stewart (Operations Director)
Steve has worked at Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd since 1999 and has played an instrumental role in the development of the wind turbine business sector. Steve has a vast knowledge and experience of the industrial lubricants market and has worked within the lubricants industry for over 35 years.  He is well versed in gearbox oil exchange for wind turbines and applications of Sage Oil Vac Gear Oil exchange equipment.


Ian Millerchip (Industrial Lubricants Engineer)
Ian joined Chemical Corporation in January 2012 and brought with him a vast knowledge and experience of synthetic lubrication technology. Ian’s role within the business is to provide industrial engineering expertise, oil analysis and oil condition monitoring services. Ian works closely with Steve Stewart to help provide wind turbine customers with practical solutions and product support.


Stuart Herd (Sage Oil Vac Pump Trainer)
Stuart’s role within Chemical Corporations' wind turbine sector is to offer full training and support services to any company wishing to purchase a pump unit. Stuart has been trained by Gary Sage of Sage Oil Vac (USA) in the proper and safe use of the pump systems and is available to support all Chemical Corporation wind turbine service customers with their basic training needs and any technical support that may be required.  Stuart is highly accomplished in wind turbine gear oil exchange systems.


Gary Sage (Manufacturer of the patented Sage Vac Pump Systems)
Gary is based in Amarillo Texas and originally designed and built the first Sage Oil Vac Wind systems for use throughout the vast Texan wind farms. Since the development of this first pump unit the systems are now being used all over the world as a preferred method of oil exchange. Even though Gary is based in the US he is available as a technical advisor to Chemical Corporation and will answer any technical related questions on the pumps' overall performance levels.



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