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About Sage Oil Vac Equipment

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd believes that the method used to deliver lubricants to a wind turbine gearbox or hydraulic system is just as important as the quality of the lubricant itself.  Without the use of specialist pumping equipment such as a Sage Oil Vac Pumping System the products integrity and cleanliness levels could easily be jeopardised during the oil exchange process.

By using a Sage Oil Vac pump system to initially fill or service fill a wind turbine lubrication system, we can ensure that the products delivered are always maintained at their optimum levels during the entire delivery process.

The Sage Oil Vac wind turbine pumping systems are now being used all over the globe as a preferred method for oil changes with an estimated 5,000 oil exchanges now completed.


Sage Oil Vac Lubricant Exchange System

  • A safer, cleaner, faster and more cost effective method to exchange lubricants
  • Pumps are designed for both onshore and offshore use
  • The use of product dedicated hose systems to help remove the risk of any cross contaminations.
  • The use of product dedicated holding tanks and pumps
  • On-board product filtration systems to pre clean products to DIN ISO 4406:99 cleanliness standards
  • 130 metre long hose reels fitted as standard
  • Gear Oil Tank - Up to1500 litre capacity
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank – Up to 500 litre capacity
  • Waste Oil Tank – Up to 1500 litre capacity
  • Flushing Oil Tanks – up to 500 litre capacity
  • All pumps built to European CE standards
  • Tank heating systems to ensure for a faster delivery of heavy viscous products
  • Metered hoses for accurate measurement of the products delivered.
  • All pump systems are built within their own spill containment system.
  • All pump systems can be easily be loaded on and off delivery vehicles.
  • Faster services with reduced equipment downtime.

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