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Chemical Corporation Ltd, UK Distributor of Mobil Industrial Lubricants has worked closely together with Mobil Industrial Lubricants, Sage Oil Vac (USA) and two market leading filtration companies to develop a wind turbine service package and wind turbine gearbox oil exchange system for wind turbines that offers customers the benefits of less down time, better protection of the equipment, increased lubricant life and increased productivity.  This system simultaneously helps to remove some of the dangers and risks that have surrounded servicing these towering giants and carrying out an effective gearbox oil change in wind turbines in the past.

The wind turbine oil exchange service package can include the supply of Mobil SHC524 or Mobil’s market leading Mobilgear SHC XMP320 gear oil which is now the preferred choice of many of the industry's OEM’s and is currently used in over 40,000 wind turbines worldwide and also the pre-delivery filtration of these products to ensure they meet the industries equipment builders strict cleanliness standards of DIN ISO 4406:99 and DIN ISO 16/14/11 Gear Oil Cleanliness.

We also offer Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT, a robust addition to the Mobil lubricant range and formulated for extreme operating conditions especially those found offshore.  The product comes with a 7 year limited warranty and details can be found on our website.

Sage Oil Vac specialist equipment for completing oil exchanges on wind turbines offers the final part of our service offer by removing the used waste oils, flushing the wind turbine gearbox or hydraulic systems before re-filling them with super clean products.  This is the finest solution for your gearbox oil exchange in wind turbines.  This is done swiftly and efficiently to reduce wind turbine downtime during oil exchanges.

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd sell and distribute Sage Oil Vac Pump systems throughout Europe and currently have clients based in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Ireland and the UK who all benefit from using these superb pumping systems to complete oil changes on wind turbines.  You can rent a Sage Oil Vac System for efficient exchange of gearbox oil in wind turbines by visiting our European Distributor page:

Give us a call today to see how we could improve and streamline your wind turbine oil  exchange in the Uk and Europe. 

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